Request Page

Want Me To Add Something?

Request it here! Just comment below and I will have a reply soon!(:


  1. Please do not flame your request.
  2. Please pick a semi-hard request. For example, ask for a request that at least has a live performance whether it’s on a tour, concert, or music show so that I can at least identify the artists. Thank you!
  3. I will alert you once I have finished a request. Don’t feel sad if I still never got to you and it’s been 1-2 months, it maybe a hard to color code.
  4. Understand that I am still new to the whole “color coding” business, so I won’t always have the most accurate lyrics. Thank you!

About Tylea

A neurodivergent, twenty-something writer who enjoys contemporary and hiphop dance. They/Them. I write fantasy and scifi new adult stories. I also enjoy dramas and films from the same genre.
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