Request Page

Want Me To Add Something?

Request it here! Just comment below and I will have a reply soon!(:


  1. Please do not flame your request.
  2. Please pick a semi-hard request. For example, ask for a request that at least has a live performance whether it’s on a tour, concert, or music show so that I can at least identify the artists. Thank you!
  3. I will alert you once I have finished a request. Don’t feel sad if I still never got to you and it’s been 1-2 months, it maybe a hard to color code.
  4. Understand that I am still new to the whole “color coding” business, so I won’t always have the most accurate lyrics. Thank you!


About Tylea

An eighteen year old writer who enjoys dance and activism in their spare time. I'm writing an urban fantasy novel series called, "Unsatisfied." Please support it!
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