SCANDAL interview in California!

Just on their arrival for a performance at California, Purple Sky managed to interview the punk-rock girl band, Scandal. They ask them exclusive questions on their more mature appearance from when they debuted in 2008.

P-SKY: Your outfits are matching, how do you come to a decision on your current look?
Tomomi (Bassist): We were students when we first formed the band. We felt that it may be more realistic if we wore the same school uniforms that we wear during practice. It just naturally came up.

P-SKY: Tell us more about your upcoming album, Baby Action. Is there an overall theme? What exactly is Baby Action?
Rina (Drumer): BABY is about us. ACTION just means ACTION. This album reflects our feelings that we hope people will feel joy or happiness from our actions.

P-SKY: In a past interview, it was revealed that other songwriters wrote your lyrics and that you collaborated on them. Has this changed?
Mami (Guitarist): It’s basically the same, but recently we started writing songs and also some of our own arrangements.

P-SKY: Are there any Japanese artists you’d enjoy collaborating with? How about foreign artists?
Haruna (Guitarist, Main Vocalist): For this album we got to collaborate with an artist we look up to [You’ll have to check out the new album to see who that is]. As for overseas artist, we would love to collaborate with artists such as Avril Lavigne and Green Day.

P-SKY: You’re music has become progressively more pop, do you agree or disagree? Tell us why.
Tomomi: Even before, and from now on, we would like to challenge various types of music. So it doesn’t mean we will be doing just pop music, or not doing pop at all. We will concentrate on making music that’s easy and catchy for anyone to listen to.

P-SKY: You’ve been invited to perform at AM2 in California. What can fans expect from your performance?
Rina: We haven’t performed in America for so long. Since we’ve grown older, we would love to show you an exciting live stage!

P-SKY: Is there anything you wanna eat or anywhere you wanna go sight seeing?
Mami: I wanna eat California roll! Do some shopping and go to Universal Studio!

P-SKY: Please leave a message for your fans in North America…
Haruna: America was the first place we’ve performed outside of Japan. We are so happy to be able to perform again! Thank you very much for all the support, and please keep sending cheers on us!

credits to Purple-Sky for the interview and imagine~

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